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RedSocks Labs: Malware Statistics March 2016

RedSocks gathers statistics of malware that have been analysed in the RedSocks Labs. As always, millions of malware samples have been analysed. In March, RedSocks analysed on average 425,531 new malicious files per day. Over 13 million new malicious files were analysed in March 2016 which is a 3 million increase compared to February 2016.

RedSocks Malware Stats

Historically, RedSocks has been able to detect way more malicious files than top 10 Anti-Virus programs. In March 2016, top 10 Anti-Virus solutions were only able to detect 41.5% of all malicious files. The amount of malicious files traditional Anti-Virus solutions are able to detect is ever decreasing. In October 2015, traditional Anti-Virus solutions were able to detect 71.6% of all malicious files. Experts at RedSocks believe the Anti-Virus detection rate will only continue to decrease as cyber criminals are developing new malicious files on a daily basis tailored to avoid detection by Anti-Virus solutions.

RedSocks Malware Stats

A core focus of cyber criminals was developing Trojans in March 2016. In March the RedSocks Malware Intelligence Team was able to detect 684,440 more Trojans than the month before, with an average of 52,626 Trojan detections per day.

RedSocks Malware Stats

Cyber criminals will continue to develop malware in order to do harm to business and society as a whole. Cyber criminality is costing the Dutch Government at least 10 billion a year, according to a report published by Deloitte*. 40% of the costs derive from the lack of operational continuity caused by cyber criminals, often caused by ransomware. Another 40% of the costs derive from the loss of Intellectual Property such as strategic information and a decreased reliability of products and services.

About RedSocks

RedSocks is a cyber-security company specialised in malware detection. RedSocks supplies RedSocks Malicious Threat Detection (MTD) as hardware or a virtual network appliance. This innovative appliance analyses digital traffic flows in real time based on the algorithms and lists of malicious indicators compiled by the RedSocks Malware Intelligence Team. This team consists of specialists in identifying new threats on the internet and translating them into state-of-the-art malware detection

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