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Ideal for smaller businesses looking for easy to manage and affordable endpoint security. It covers file servers, desktops, or laptops, physical or virtual machines.


Integrated prevention, hardening, risk-, and incident-analytics platform

Integrated prevention, hardening, risk-, and incident-analytics platform

Monitors networks to uncover suspicious activity early and provides the tools to fight-off cyber-attacks. Threat visualizations guide investigations and maximize the ability to respond directly.

Integrated prevention, detection, response and risk analytics

GravityZone Ultra Plus Security
(Retired since May 2021)

Integrated prevention, detection and response for endpoint, network and cloud

This service leverages 24/7 monitoring, technologies deployed at the host and network layers, advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and human expertise in incident investigation to remove threat actors from customer environments.

Next-generation security for all enterprise endpoints. Offered a-la carte

Protection for servers and desktops – on-premises and in the cloud

Layered next-generation security for physical endpoints

Centrally-managed protection for corporate and BYOD mobile devices

Top-rated antispam, anti-phishing, and antimalware for Microsoft Exchange

Next-generation AI-powered sandbox with advanced detection, reporting & attack visibility

Network Traffic Security Analytics
(Retired since May 2021)

Cloud threat intelligence, Machine Learning and behavior analytics applied to network traffic to detect advanced attacks early and enable effective threat response.

Working together, Bitdefender and Citrix are now giving datacenter owners the ability to know the previously unknowable, and act on information from this new level of insight.

Create a virtual air-gap between end-user systems and the web while ensuring attempted breaches can neither gain a foothold in, nor escape from, the execution environment of the virtualized browsers

Dedicated AV and endpoint security designed to protect machines hosted in Amazon Web Services. The solution is available with highly effective but ultralight cloud protection, consumption based billing and the AWS integration simplifies and automates deployment and machine inventory management.


Advanced Security for Managed Service Providers with simple monthly usage-based licensing and a single web console to protect all customers. Next-gen AV, Tunable Machine Learning, Risk Management, Web Protection, Content Control, Device Control, Email Security, Cloud Sandboxing, EDR are all efficiently managed from the remote GravityZone console.