Isolate and secure the greatest risk to your network - web browsers - without isolating users from the web

Keep web users and systems safe with Browser Isolation

Web browsers and plug-ins form a wide attack surface

Rich web experience doesn't have to be eliminated to achieve security. Instead, just as end-user systems are isolated from critical servers, web browsers must be isolated from end-user system, and secured. When isolating browsers from end-user system and protecting the execution environment with unique security - which only Bitdefender can provide - you can let your users enjoy rich web content and keep them, and your datacenter, safe.

Features and benefits


Many day-to-day functions, from HR applications to system administration, rely on access to web resources, internal and external. Isolate browsers by moving their execution off of end-user system and into a controlled, and secured, execution environment, without isolating end-users from potentially risky resources.


The security of Bitdefender Browser Isolation integrates with APIs in Citrix Hypervison to inspect the raw memory of running Citrix Virtual Apps servers. Known as Bitdefender Hypervision Introspection, the security capability is unique to Citrix® Hypervisior, while Bitdefender is the only vendor to tap the powerful security approach.
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Move your security beyond relying on looking for known-bad (malware signature) or allowing only known-good (whitelisting). Browser Isolation blocks the technique, such as buffer overflows, which attackers use to exploit browsers and plug-ins, over and over.


Bitdefender Browser Isolation adds unique Bitdefender security to browsers published by Citrix® Virtual Apps so you don't have to purchase a different application virtualization platform to secure browsers. Instead, leverage your existing investment without disrupting the end-user experience.


While some organization may choose to have all browsers run with Bitdefender Isolation, other organizations may wish to target only the high-risk scenarios. This may include certain user (HR, finance, C-level), web destinations (untrusted external resources), or browsers (old, unsupported browsers needed for legacy applications).


Since the Browser Isolation security leverages Citrix® Hypervisor, there is no security footprint in the virtualization server to attack or subvert so attackers cannot get a foothold in your environment to spread ransomware, attack other system, or leverage sophisticated file-less attacks, amongst other threats.

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Visual Overview

How Bitdefender Browser Isolation works with Citrix Hypervisor

Isolate and Secure Web Browsers and Plug-ins.

Citrix® Virtual Apps moves the execution of vulnerable web browsers and plug-ins off end-user systems. Bitdefender Browser Isolation secures the browser sessions within the Virtual Apps server using unique Bitdefender security technology. End-users enjoy access to the web resources they demand, while administrators can rest assured that advanced threats are mitigated.

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