Managed Detection
and Response Services (MDR)

We deliver advanced attack prevention and remediation 24 hours a day so that you don’t have to.

What is MDR

What is MDR

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) gives our customers outsourced cybersecurity operations 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The service is delivered by combining industry-leading Bitdefender security technologies trusted by organizations and security vendors around the world. Our MDR services combine cybersecurity for endpoints, plus network and security analytics, with the threat-hunting expertise of a SOC fully staffed by security analysts from global intelligence agencies.

Find out what MDR is and how MDR security works

Proactive Protection

  • Industry-leading prevention technologies
  • 24x7x365 threat hunting, threat intelligence and analytics to stay ahead of attacker TTPs
  • User Risk Analytics to help understand user behavior

Bitdefender Endpoint Risk Analytics shows us the current top risks across our organization.

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Advanced Detection

  • Event correlation across endpoints and network
  • Global Threat Intelligence powered by over 500 million sensors
  • Customized proactive monitoring of targets that pose a high cyber-risk to your business

Reduced Cost

  • Highly skilled security analysts recruited from global intelligence agencies perform ongoing threat hunting and threat modeling
  • Automated remediation via product and industry experts’ playbooks
  • Reduced attacker dwell time

MDR relieves the security burden on the Help Desk and Operations group and frees us to focus more on strategic projects.

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Is Your Security at a Tipping Point?

Security is at a crossroads. Threats are increasingly sophisticated and we know IT and security teams are feeling the pressure. The security tipping point is determined by an assessment of available resources, skills and efficiency to achieve desired outcomes. Should you continue providing your own security defense or extend your capabilities with an experienced security operations team?


MDR Security Capabilities




24/7 Security Operations

Threat Management

Tailored Response Playbooks

Expert Recommendations

Root Cause & Impact Analysis

Monthly Service Reports

MDR Portal

Risk-based Threat Hunting

Customized Notifications

XDR Add-ons Available

Dedicated Security Account Manager

Targeted Threat Hunting

Tailored Threat Modeling

Priority Target Monitoring

Brand & IP Protection

Dark Web Monitoring

How does MDR Security work?

Bitdefender Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines our industry leading detection and prevention technologies with a modern 24-hour security operation. The SOC is staffed by veteran security analysts recruited from intelligence agencies to hunt, identify and eradicate adversaries.

MDR Security: Prevents cyber attacks


  • Industry-leading Bitdefender technology is used to harden systems, and detect and block attacks across Endpoint, Network and Cloud environments. This frees up security analysts to focus on advanced attacks
  • High-value target and high-risk target identification and monitoring help further reduce risk by focusing on areas of the business with a higher probability of being targeted
  • Support for all major operating systems including Windows, Linux and MacOS
MDR Security: Detects cyber threats in your network


  • Continuous collection of host & network telemetry information combined with security analytics and automation to enable proactive hunting, anomaly detection and investigations from dedicated security account managers
  • Threat intelligence research and hunting missions based on the customer’s threat profile
  • Augment customer data with Bitdefender Global Threat Intelligence
MDR Security: Prevents cyber attacks


  • Custom response actions tailored to each customer for effective incident response action while managing business interruption risk
  • Automated remediation actions to reduce attacker dwell time via pre-approved actions
  • Security incident flash reports provide live updates to ongoing security analyst investigations
MDR Security: Automated response and remediation to incidents


  • Monthly strategic reports provide an overview of the value of your MDR service
  • Real-time dashboards give insights into the security posture of your environment
  • Postmortem reports give you the information you need to measure impact on the business

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CRN 2020 - Tech Innovators Winner Award logo Bitdefender MDR wins Tech Innovators award
Forrester wave leader for Endpoints Security Suit badge Bitdefender offers threat prevention across a wide range of endpoint platforms.
100% accuracy score for evasion by NSS badge Received a score of 100% for evasions. No false positives

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Bitdefender MDR Service Overview

How Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) works. Graphical representation of Bitdefender MDR security operations flow.

Proactive threat hunting lifecycle.

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Bitdefender technology is trusted by global organizations and security vendors around the world

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