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Why Professional Services ?

Cybersecurity is a big investment and you want to get the most out of it, quickly. Unfortunately, even though your IT administrators may be professionals, they aren’t product experts and don’t always have the time and resources to optimize your investment to meet the unique requirements of your company.

This is why we are providing you with Bitdefender Professional Services, a personalized service engagement from specialized engineers who are Bitdefender experts that will help your organization get the most out of your GravityZone product, gain more expertise, improve efficiency, and strengthen your organization security posture and cyber resilience.

Bitdefender's Enterprise Professional Services for Customers

Professional Services Portfolio

Bitdefender Professional Services are available for any type of customers, from small, medium to large enterprises. Covering different business needs and requirements, the following services, delivered in English, are available in our portfolio:

SMB dedicated support package


This Professional Services offering is designed for customers with specific requirements where Bitdefender Professional Services engineer will work together with Customer to create an infrastructure capable of hosting Bitdefender Business solution.

It’s comprises of several services as:
  • Plan & Design
  • Deploy & Configure
  • Health Check
  • Product Update
Available: Remote or On-site
Enteprise dedicated support package

Provisioning Pack

This service is designed for customers which expect for the GravityZone product to be deployed according to best practices and their team to be introduced to basic knowledge in order to manage and operate the GravityZone right after the installation is completed.

It’s available in two formats:
  • Provisioning Pack for SMBs
  • Provisioning Pack for MSPs
Available: Remote
Enteprise Plus  dedicated support package

Education Services

To complement our Professional Services, we offer several Product Education options that provide your staff with practical experience in accordance with the role requirements for managing the security system. The training classes are the ideal choice when customers need comprehensive coverage of GravityZone installation, administration, performance and optimization.

Available: Online or On-site


Investing in great security software is a good start when it comes to protecting any organization’s data. But in today’s constantly changing threat landscape, it’s key for organization’s to design and implement their security strategy in a way that solves the unique information security challenges of their business.

With the Enterprise pack, our team of experts helps you plan, implement and manage your security ecosystem to get the highest level of protection and the best achievable ROI.

Provisioning Pack

Looking for an assisted start in configuring your Bitdefender security solution?
The Professional Services Provisioning Pack offers the benefit of expert guidance throughout the beginning of the implementation, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free start that takes out all the guess work. This is a remote service that helps your organization to make the best use of Bitdefender GravityZone centralized management console by applying our best practices and optimal settings. It covers the transition to Bitdefender GravityZone with an array of services which include planning, deployment, installation assistance. Choose the Provisioning Pack that better suits your organization’s needs.

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I have never met such customized services in any provider Mike Turbutt, Dotter
We were very pleased to find Bitdefender GRAVITYZONE would deliver the security solution we needed with the management capabilities we desired. Additionally, the responsiveness of their professional services team ensured a seamless deployment Brian Alexander, Senior Cloud and Virtualization Architect for Mentor Graphics

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