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Cybersecurity dedicated solutions for small and medium businesses
“Too small to be a target.”
“Cybersecurity is expensive and requires advanced skills to manage it.”
“Antivirus and antimalware are enough to keep a system safe.”

These are common myths that some businesses cling to when they address cybersecurity. But the truth is that both big and small organizations are lucrative targets for hackers and must take measures to ensure their businesses' safety.

According to Verizon (DBIR 2020 Report), 28% of attacks engage small businesses, placing their business continuity, money, data and IT equipment at risk. Hackers target small businesses because they often lack a cyberattack response plan, relying on antivirus software and firewalls for protection.

Small Business, Big Target for Ransomware

Small Business, Big Target for Ransomware

The headlines focus on ransomware attacks against large companies, even though they can typically recover and restore files, even if they end up having to pay. Smaller companies, on the other hand, often lack the resources to make a full recovery following a ransomware attack and more often end up with serious business downtime.

According to Datto, ransomware remains the most common cyber threat to small and medium-sized businesses, with 60% of managed service providers (MSPs) reporting that their SMB clients have been hit as of Q3 2020.

APT Hackers-for-Hire, A New Threat

“Not everyone is a target for cyberespionage.”
That's the shaky foundation on which many businesses build their cyber-defense capabilities. Especially smaller ones.

However, tactics and techniques used in the past by state-sponsored Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) groups are now been used to attack smaller companies.

APT Hackers-for-Hire, A New Threat
Resources and Expertise, the constant challenge

Resources and Expertise, the constant challenge

With increasing sophistication of cyber threats, skilled security personnel have become a key part of the IT team.

However, a shortage of cybersecurity talent is widespread, affecting all companies, regardless of size. This increases pressure on smaller organizations to create an effective security strategy, both in terms of staffing and budget.

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