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Trend Report 2016 Q1

In the first quarter of 2016, almost 34.4 million, new and unique malicious files were processed in the RedSocks Malware Labs. This quarter the overall detection by Anti-Virus software was only 49.27 percent, which is a drop of 26.75 percent when compared to the fourth quarter of 2015.


Windows Malware Annual Report 2015

Trend Report 2015 Q4

In the fourth quarter of 2015, with an average of 296,155 new malicious files per day, the total number of samples processed was 27.2 million, a slight increase of 103 percent.
The overall detection by Anti-Virus software was on average 61.21 percent.

Trend Report 2015 Q3

This critical information is compiled by the RedSocks Malware Intelligence Team (RSMIT). The team consists of specialists whose job is to identify and analyse new threats and trends on the Internet and to translate our analyses into state-of-the-art malware detection capabilities.

Trend Report 2015 Q2

Trend Report 2015 Q1


Windows Malware Annual Report 2014

Trend Report 2014 Q4

Trend Report 2014 Q3

Trend Report 2014 Q2

Trend Report 2014 Q1