Healthcare organizations' security racing to catch up with technology

Healthcare organizations today are facing a new and unique set of challenges. Their recently-digitized healthcare records have turned out to be extremely valuable to criminals, while hospitals, clinics, and other organizations are still learning how to protect them.

Protect your data

Digital patient files have become part of our daily reality. In hospitals, doctors' offices, insurance companies, and other related organizations, a large number of people need access to patient records to do their jobs. But how do we know someone else cannot gain unauthorized access to our files?

The challenges

Outdated Technology and Medical Equipment issues

Healthcare organizations are more susceptible to these attacks as they are usually years behind other industries in their adoption of new technology and software.

Compliancy and regulation

With healthcare data breaches expected to rise, government agencies, such as EU GDPR and the Dutch Mandatory Breach Notifiation act, are imposing regulations that are broader in reach than ever before.

Not enough trained information security officers

A critical task during security incident response is detecting that an incident has occurred. ID work is challenging due to expertise demands and its highly collaborative nature. ID requires significant expertise, both technical and organizational.

Improving Security and Meeting Compliancy

Improve your cyber security

Many organizations focus on traditional forms of cyber security such as Anti-Virus software and firewalls. Unfortunately, these traditional means of cyber security can only block known malicious traffic and files. Cyber criminals are constantly developing new types of malware, which can only be detected by an Advanced Malware Detection Solution like RedSocks. RedSocks is able to detect malware which are new to the market by our advanced algorithms and Malware Intelligence Team.

Be techically compliant to the GDPR legislation

With the RedSocks Solution you will simplify data breach reporting, enable data breach notifications, develop annual compliancy statements, undertake regular compliancy audits and forensically store your data for 36 months.

The Solution

The RedSocks Malicious Threat Detection is a solution which analyses digital traffic flows in real-time. Malicious traffic is detected by using NetFlow and IPFIX. The RedSocks MTD is fed continuously by the Malware Intelligence Team which compiles the risk lists and algorithms. The RedSocks MTD can generate malicious lists on its own by using Heuristics technologies.

We value your privacy

RedSocks believes corporate privacy to be paramount. Our systems and the flow monitoring systems have thus been developed to secure privacy to the utmost. RedSocks thus monitors flowdata (metadata) rather than content, so that sensitive corporate data always remains confdential. By monitoring bad neighbourhoods on the internet, RedSocks is able to detect previously unknown malicious traffic which is paramount when it comes to protecting sensitive medical records.