Cybersecurity in Industry, Infrastructure and Transport

Infrastructure businesses are key for most of our societies and relies heavily on IT. Any hiccup often translates into problems in the rest of society. With several customers of Redsocks relying on our threat detection.

The Solution

The RedSocks Malicious Threat Detection is a solution which analyses outgoing digital traffic flows in real-time. Malicious traffic is detected by inspecting NetFlow and IPFIX outgoing network metadata. The RedSocks MTD is fed continuously by the RedSocks Malware Intelligence Team which compiles the risk lists and algorithms. The RedSocks MTD can generate malicious lists on its own by using Heuristics technologies.

We value your privacy
RedSocks believes corporate privacy to be paramount. Our systems and the flow monitoring systems have thus been developed to secure privacy to the utmost. RedSocks thus monitors flowdata (metadata) rather than content, so that sensitive corporate data always remains confidential. By monitoring bad neighbourhoods on the internet, RedSocks is able to detect previously unknown malicious traffic which makes RedSocks unique when it comes to protecting sensitive records.
The STIX & TAXII module enables you to import your own threat intelligence. This makes it possible to exchange threat intelligence lists and to tailor the solution to your specific needs.

Technically Compliant with the regulation
When using the RedSocks Malicious Threat Detector, data breaches in the technical information infrastructure can be traced to provide proof of the effective security operation in your network. This will enable companies and institutions to take an important step in controlling the risks in terms of liability and expenses resulting from the duty to report data breaches.