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Join the 90 Days to DMARC Challenge

RedSocks Security is joining the Global Cyber Alliance in challenging companies to implement DMARC during the 90 Days to DMARC Challenge. The GCA actively pursues a unity between private and public sectors with the goal of protecting them in their entirety from cyber threats. To facilitate this goal, they’ve created the 90 days to DMARC Challenge.

As proud member of the GCA, RedSocks Security promotes the use of DMARC and challenges organizations both in the Netherlands and elsewhere to protect their organizations against cybercrime.

The 90 Days to DMARC Challenge began on 1 December 2017 and will end on 28 February 2018. During this period the RedSocks Security wants to challenge organisations to implement DMARC email authentication protocols across their email domains.

Join the pledge and fight the scams and fraud that have power to compromise your brand and organization’s reputation.

Need some additional information or help during this challenge? Take a look at the list of GCA partners that have offered to assist in the smooth implementation of DMARC, here.

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