A week in Japan with the Holland High Tech Pavillon | May 2018

For about a week, two RedSocks Security representatives attended Japan IT week, a national major event for cybersecurity; a few Dutch businesses and Knowledge institutions attended as part of the Holland High Tech Pavillon.


In 1609, nine years after the Dutch first reached Japan, the Dutch East India Company (or VOC) entered into trade relations with a distant and unknown country. In 2009, it was remembered that both countries are connected to each other for four hundred years. In light of the collaboration between our countries and our collaboration, we started our trip by offering a gift to our partner Networld, commemorating over 400 years of trade between the Netherlands and Japan.



Since 2016, RedSocks Security has been part of a collaboration agreement ‘Partners for International Business’, a consortium of Dutch companies and knowledge institutions with a common goal: help Japan secure its infrastructures ahead of the Olympics 2020. From May 7th to May 11th


RedSocks Security collaborators were in Japan to attend Japan IT week, as part of the Holland High Tech Pavillon. Japan IT week is a major national innovation event occurring three times a year. It gathers Japanese and International companies for a one-week business fair.


We met with all the Dutch participants of the PIB during the Holland High Tech Pavillon: Compumatica, SecurityMatters, TU Delft, ReaQta, Innovation Quarter and HSD. We also met with the Dutch embassy and with companies that have been doing business in Japan for some time. It was useful speaking with them to better understand the customs and culture. It has been a great way to get to know the other participants and prepare for the trade show taking place in the Big Sight Exhibiton center in the following days.


Japan Heineken Business

Apart from having a valued partner in Japan that can help bridge the linguistic gap, Heineken is a word that is well known in many languages.


Despite the cultural and linguistic gap, it has been a success for RedSocks Security thanks to our distributor in Japan Networld, and it appears Heineken is a word that is well know in many languages. Our partner has been able to keep in touch with current customers and users of the MTD and exchange with potential new customers and resellers. This should strengthen our local development.


RedSocks Security Japan


These few days have been resourceful in meetings and knowledge. In a country where cybersecurity challenges are well understood yet too little addressed, there is a challenge to overcome in preparation of the worldwide event, Tokyo 2020. RedSocks Security is excited to extend its Japanese network and proud to help Japan and its companies get ready for the Olympics.


RedSocks Japan Booth IT Cybersecurity





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