RedSocks Malicious Threat Detection MTD

MTD Update v3.6.3: Performance, Design and Support

On 30 May 2017, between 00.00am and 04.00am, RedSocks Security will release an update for our MTD Appliances: Update v3.6.3. This update adds requested features and changes to accelerate the MTD’s performance for added user comfort.

The highlights of this release are:

VPN Access 
This feature allows customers to enable a VPN connection between their appliance and the RedSocks Security support team for a limited period of time. In cases of a special request, need or error, the RedSocks support team will be able to, only with the explicit authorization of the client, be able to remotely access the appliance from our local support office and remotely administer changes or perform analyses in the system.

Major Performance Improvements
The time to boot your appliance has been significantly reduced with this release. The time it takes to update the MTD with threat intelligence is now significantly reduced since the data exchange between RedSocks Security and the MTDs have been vastly optimized.

Design Harmony 
We invest a great deal to improve our User Interface and give the best possible User Experience to our clients. Major improvements are on their way (this will be completed in v3.7.0) and this v3.6.3 release introduces many changes visible on your screen – making the RedSocks web interface more visually appealing and a seamless integration to your workflow.

Work on our upcoming release – v3.7.0 – is progressing quickly. This will introduce a new and efficient configuration and detailed workflow settings.

Should you have any questions about this release or would like assistance, please reach out to the RedSocks Security Support Team via


Written by: Guillaume Durand, Product Manager @ RedSocks Security

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