RedSocks Security MTD v3.6.2 Release New Web Interface

MTD v3.6.2: Paving the Way to a New Web Interface

On 16 March, 2017, RedSocks Security released a major update for our MTD Appliances: v3.6.2. This update adds a number of frequently-requested features and several major (‘under-the-hood’) changes to facilitate our new web interface.

I’d like to use this opportunity to outline the most important changes with you:

Synchronize Probe system time from MTD using NTP
Many customers prefer to use the RedSocks Probe in an offline fashion, meaning that it’s not connected to the Internet. We understand this – devices that have access to your sensitive data should be protected as much as possible. To avoid that the system clocks of the Probe and MTD become out-of-sync, we now support time synchronization between our appliances.

Major performance improvements for Alert Analysis
This improvement allows for a much quicker navigation and more ‘responsive’ interface, especially in set ups where a significant number of alerts are generated or where network bandwidth is limited.

Report to user about outdated cyber threat intelligence
There can be many reasons for connectivity issues that result in outdated cyber threat intelligence. As a first step, we are reporting this within the web interface. We plan to integrate this with notifications too, such that administrators are being informed automatically.

Whitelist similar alerts from Alert Analysis
It is now possible to whitelist similar alerts from the Alert Analysis. This update greatly improves the workflow and makes whitelisting lots easier.


Work on our upcoming releases – v3.6.3 and v3.6.4 – is progressing steadily. Please expect major improvements to the Web interface. Stay tuned!

Should you have any questions about this release or would like assistance, please reach out to the RedSocks Security Support Team via


Written by:  Rick Hofstede, Product Manager @ RedSocks Security

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