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Risk Analytics, Hardening, Next gen AV, and EDR managed from a single MSP console with usage based licensing

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The most effective advanced attack protection MSPs can get. Proven in real-world tests

AV or endpoint protection is not enough to stop new ransomware, 0-day exploits, or fileless attacks.

Bitdefender MSP Security lets Managed Service Providers (MSPs) stop these threats more effectively thanks to the extensive set of hardening, prevention, and detection layers, and the machine learning and behavioral technologies perfected over more than 10 years with data from over 500 million devices.

Unlike other next-gen and EDR solutions, Bitdefender consistently demonstrates better effectiveness in independent real-world security tests.

The Bitdefender unified layered approach stops most threats automatically, before they turn into breaches. Use a single MSP GravityZone console, integrated with RMM tools, to better protect customers, streamline tasks and grow profits.

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GravityZone MSP Security - Stop Advanced Threats reliably with the best corporate cybersecurity product.

Most effective advanced attack protection

More mature technologies and extra protection layers help Bitdefender stop more advanced threats and consistently outperform other next-gen AV and EDR products in real-world tests.

Get the cybersecurity alerts in time and discover all data breaches

Reduced data breach risk and investigation efforts

The Bitdefender approach leverages extensive risk, hardening and prevention to stop threats before they execute, unlike EDR-first tools that rely on incident detection, after a breach has happened.


Unified management and profitable MSP program

Bitdefender GravityZone consolidates encryption, content control, patching, AV, risk analytics and EDR. Together with usage-based licensing and aggregated price tiers, this boosts MSP security and profits and reduces overhead.

Endpoint risk analytics and management

Bitdefender Endpoint Risk Analytics shows you risk scores based on your customer’s device settings in Browser Security, Network and Credentials, and OS security, and takes into account application vulnerabilities.

This gives MSPs continuous visibility of their customers’ security posture and lets them compare risk across companies and time and show improvements or support compliance with regulations around system benchmarks.

To mitigate risks and reduce the attack surface area, you can drill down to see misconfigurations and apply fixes. About 90% of misconfiguration fixes can be applied automatically and, if you are using Bitdefender Patch Management, you can also apply the missing patches from the same risk view, with minimum effort.

Advanced Threat Prevention

Effective automated prevention of advanced attacks is essential to avoid potential data breaches and reduce the need for manual incident investigation.

The following technologies, available with the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security (ATS) add-on product, are designed specifically to uncover elusive threats and stop them before they can execute and cause harm:

  • HyperDetect Tunable Machine Learning stops advanced attacks at pre-execution with an advanced set of ML algorithms you can configure to be more aggressive in ‘block’ or ‘report only’ modes.
  • Fileless Attack Defense analyzes command code in memory and blocks rapidly growing fileless or script-based attacks that leverage tools such as PowerShell or Command Prompt.
  • Sandbox Analyzer detonates suspicious files or scripts automatically or manually to provide a verdict and full threat context visibility with the changes an item is trying to make.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Despite the best hardening and prevention, sophisticated attackers and insiders still gain access to MSP or customer infrastructures. It has become essential, then, to detect and stop ongoing threat behaviors before they turn into costly data breaches, and to gain full Attack Visualization to find security gaps or show incident impact for compliance audits.

Integrating machine learning and behavioral technologies perfected since 2009, Bitdefender EDR delivers more actionable detections than any other vendor, as proven in MITRE 2020 tests. MSPs minimize their operational burden with more contextual information, extra technologies that filter out noise, prioritized incidents, guided investigation and response steps.

For organizations whose existing endpoint security doesn’t provide the advanced attack visibility and response required, adding Bitdefender EDR is a quick and effective way to strengthen security. Upgrading to use EDR with Bitdefender hardening and next-gen AV is recommended to automatically stop most threats before execution, minimize data breach risks, and streamline security management.

Managed Detection and Response Foundations for MSPs

Bitdefender MDR Foundations for MSPs is a holistic MDR service that gives you access to our elite team of cybersecurity experts, working around the clock to keep you and your customers cyber resilient. The service includes 24/7 monitoring and response, proactive research-based threat hunting, and expert recommendations at an affordable price point.

MDR Foundations for MSPs help you provide proactive protection for your customers and minimize the impact of attacks quickly and effectively with:

  • Prompt incident and breach response that supports a customer in all scenarios
  • Bulk onboarding of customers for MSPs and automated onboarding for customers
  • Option of professional services to accelerate onboarding
  • Constant communication via email notifications in the MDR Portal
Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for MSP security

Stop more data breaches and elusive ransomware with Bitdefender layered MSP security

Easily activate and administer core protection and add-ons with a simple web console, extensive RMM Platforms integrations and APIs

Hardening and
Risk Analytics

  • Risk Analytics

    Track and fix misconfiguration and vulnerability risks

  • Patch Management

    Auto and manual patching for Windows and 3rd party apps

  • Full Disk Encryption

    Simple key management and compliance reporting on Windows and Mac

  • Web Threat Protection

    Web traffic scan (including SSL), anti-phishing, Search Advisor

  • Content filtering and control

    Restrict user access to websites or web categories such as gambling

  • Device Control

    Control which USBs or other external devices can run on user systems

Prevention, Behavior
Monitoring and Remediation

  • Exploit Defense

    Detects exploit techniques, stops known and 0-day exploits

  • Local and Cloud Machine Learning

    Identifies unknown malware using ML models perfected since 2008

  • 0-Trust continuous process behavior monitoring

    Monitors all running processes, detects and stops malicious ones automaticaly

  • Network Attack Defense

    Blocks network-based attacks such as Brute Force or Password Stealers

  • Firewall

    Host firewall with IDS protecting endpoints inside and outside the network

  • Email Security

    Dedicated product to block advanced email attacks, phishing, Email Compromise, and spam

  • Automated Disinfection and Removal

    Automatic actions to block, disinfect or delete threats

Advanced Threat Security

  • Fileless Attack Defense

    Scans command lines in memory blocking fileless or script-based attacks

  • HyperDetect Tunable Machine Learning

    Special ML models that block hacking tools, fileless attacks, zero-day malware

  • Cloud Sandbox Analyzer

    Auto or manual detonation of possible threats to get a verdict and insights into threat actions

Endpoint Detection and

  • Kill Chain Visualization

    Ability to view each stage of a security incident

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Information on how an attack happened and find security gaps

  • Incident Detection and Guided Investigation

    Prioritized incidents with contextual information and investigation tips

  • Anomaly Detection

    Detection of potential attacks by analyzing deviations from regular behaviour patters

  • MITRE event tagging

    Contextual information around incidents using the MITRE standard

  • Isolate endpoints

    Disconnect infected endpoint from the network with one click

  • Remote commmand shell

    Remote command shell from GravityZone into infected or suspicious systems

  • Managed Detection and Response

    Bitdefender expert threat hunting and monitoring augmenting MSP capabilities

One console, optimized security for physical workstations and servers, Virtual and Cloud workloads. Gain top protection designed for minimal VM resource impact across any hypervisor and leverage the dedicated Bitdefender Security for AWS and Azure

MSP Partner Program

Sales and Technical

  • Sales training
  • Technical training
  • Simple to generate demos
  • Dedicated MSP webinars
  • Dedicated Channel Account Mgr

Marketing Materials

  • Competitive Battlecards
  • Datasheets and product collaterals
  • Whitepapers

Operational Benefits

  • #1 ranked security
  • Level 2 support
  • Dynamic monthly licensing
  • Aggregated tier-based pricing
  • Access to leading cloud & virtualization security
Bitdefender MSP partner program certification - CRN winner 2020

Integration and technology partners for Cloud and MSP Solutions

With more integrated solutions than any other security vendor, Bitdefender does more than understand the MSP community. We are part of it. We work with tools that you use every day.

Cyber security technology integration with ConnectWise, Amazon Webservices, Kaseya Cyber security technology integration with NaveRisk, Solarwinds MSP, Datto, Pulseway

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems entrusts Bitdefender to protect POS providers

“We continue to be a Bitdefender customer because we enjoy the product. The product works. It does what it's supposed to do and the support is excellent. We re-evaluated it again, and we said no, there's nothing out there that really can compete.”

Will McKillop, Director of Field Service, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems
Pinnacle Hospitality Systems logo - MSP Security customer

Bitdefender helps Safe Systems gain trust in the security vertical

“So what helps Safe Systems grow and improve in the security vertical is the reputation and trust of the underlying technologies. And that's where Bitdefender excels - the trust is there, the performance is there, the track record - so we're able to point to that when we say: Hey, we have these services backed by Bitdefender.”

Chris Banta, Senior Technology Dev Ops Engineer, Safe Systems
Bitdefender helps Safe Systems gain trust in the security vertical

IRIS Solutions keeps dental practice clients safe from cyberthreats

“I’m confident Bitdefender is the best solution because I've seen the results. I've seen it stop the infections, I've seen it have the minimal performance impact, I’ve seen it easy to deploy. I don't have to babysit it. If there's a problem, I know how to resolve it. And so I think those results speak for themselves, really.”

Tyler Thomas, Senior IT Services Technician, IRIS Solutions
IRIS Solutions keeps dental practice clients safe from cyberthreats

Enable Resource Group delivers peace and serenity to security clients

“What I like most about Bitdefender is that it just works and I don't spend a lot of time managing it.”

James Vavra, Network Engineer, Enable Resource Group
Enable Resource Group delivers peace and serenity to security clients

Northstar Services improves protection and reduces overhead with Bitdefender MSP security

“For software to be something that you truly love, it has to do all the things correctly. It has to have a great console. It has to be able to protect against viruses. It has to be easy to deploy. It's got to be commercially viable for you to sell. Bitdefender just ticks the boxes in all of those areas. That's why we chose it.”

John Williams, Managing Director, Northstar Services Ltd.
Northstar Services improves protection and reduces overhead with Bitdefender MSP security

MEOSit thwarts cybersecurity threats, reduces client downtime and troubleshooting, and achieves selling advantage

“Bitdefender has improved productivity and efficiency for us internally and our customers since security-related troubleshooting and downtime have largely disappeared. We now have more time to focus on developing enhanced IT and security services for customers—which is most important.”

Patrick Terwal, Team Leader, Senior Engineers, MEOSit
MEOSit thwarts cybersecurity threats, reduces client downtime and troubleshooting, and achieves selling advantage

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