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Free & super-fast Wi-Fi scanner for your home network. Bitdefender Home Scanner looks for vulnerable devices and passwords, and offers detailed security recommendations for your home network.

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Windows compatible
Do you know who connects to your Wi-Fi network?

Stop hackers and privacy intruders from taking advantage of security holes to log on to your home network, spy on your family, steal your private information or even hijack your smart devices. With Bitdefender Home Scanner you are always in control.

Scan for intruders in your network

Home Scanner lets you see all devices connected to your home network. You get an alert every time an unknown device connects to your wi-fi. Which means you can instantly boot out freeloaders and prevent connection slowdowns.

NEW! Get real-time updates whenever
new devices connect to your network

Bitdefender Home Scanner automatically detects when new devices connect to your Wi-Fi and informs you instantly. Now you will always be in control of who uses your home network.

You can always turn Home Scanner off to stop scanning or leave it on for real-time device discovery.

Bitdefender Home Scanner
Scan for weaknesses and hidden backdoors into your home

Bitdefender Home Scanner is a free tool that scans your Wi-Fi network, maps devices and identifies and highlights network security flaws. Bitdefender Home Scanner looks for weak passwords, as well as vulnerable or poorly encrypted communications. It correlates the information gathered from your connected devices with online vulnerability databases and gives you a thorough report so you can ensure maximum security for your network.

Map your home network
Scan open ports in the network
Wi-Fi scanner: identify all connected devices and security risks
Complementary to and compatible with all existing security tools
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The dangerous life of smart devices

New software vulnerabilities are being discovered in many smart devices every day, and hackers are taking advantage of these security flaws to target homes and businesses. It is time to start thinking about the security of your smart devices.

Technical Details
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Protect your internet-connected devices with Bitdefender BOX

Bitdefender BOX protects all your devices connected to the internet, not just computer or laptop. It secures your smart phones and smart TVs and all your other home appliances and gadgets, like Wi-Fi thermostats, gaming consoles and even your baby monitor.

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+Is my network protected from viruses with Bitdefender Home Scanner?
+What kind of devices are detected by Bitdefender Home Scanner?

Bitdefender Home Scanner is able to detect any wireless device that is turned on and connected to your home network. Wireless devices can either be smart home devices such as baby monitors, WiFi cameras, games consoles, smart TVs, but also Windows, Macs, iOS and Android-based devices.

+What vulnerabilities are detected by Bitdefender Home Scanner?

Many smart home devices are insecure and have critical flaws. To help you keep your network safe, Bitdefender Home Scanner searches for the following vulnerabilities:

  • Insecure authentication.

  • Weak login credentials.

  • Hidden backdoors.
+Why is Bitdefender Home Scanner delivered for free?

Our tech-savvy people are exploring every day the needs of our customers to find simple and effective solutions for the unforeseen network attacks. By delivering this product for free we give you the possibility to stay informed at no cost about the possible threats that may violate your privacy.

+How will Bitdefender Home Scanner impact the performance of the device it is installed on?

Depending on the number of the devices connected to your home network, the scanning process may take a while and slightly slow down the work of your system. The app is designed to run only when new devices are getting connected and you manually run a scan.

+Vulnerabilities have been found in my network. What should I do?

First, it is important to know what vulnerabilities have been found. If weak login credentials are the problem, change the password you have set with a stronger one in which you include numbers, capital letters, lowercase letters and symbols. If other vulnerabilities are the problem, select the VULNERABILITIES tab and follow our suggestions. We highly recommend you to install the latest firmware update, and if possible, make sure that the login credentials are enabled and difficult to be guessed.

+What can happen if a hacker takes control over one of my smart home devices?

Hackers can do whatever they like with the devices they manage to disable their security feature. Let's suppose you have a fridge with an LCD display on the front. If its software is outdated, or the password of your network is weak, and an outsider gains access to it, you may have the surprise that cocky images or videos are displayed, or the temperature of your fridge is not anymore the one you initially set. Moreover, your e-mail login credentials could be stolen to send out dozens of spam messages. This action can lead to frustration that you can't stop him from doing this unless you update the software of the hacked device, change the password of your network or contact the manufacturer to provide you with a solution.

+How can I change my home network in Bitdefender Home Scanner?

To change your currently home network:

  1. Click the “My Account” menu on the left sidebar of the Bitdefender interface.
  2. In the HOME NETWORK area, select the Change home network link.
  3. Select the network you want to set as home network, and then click the SET AS HOME NETWORK button.
+My home network was not detected during the installation process. What should I do?

To be able to use the Bitdefender Home Scanner you need to be connected to a properly configured wireless network. Before installing the product, go to the list of your networks, choose the network you want to connect to, and then select Connect. If you have no wireless network configured, follow the steps provided by the vendor of the router you have purchased.

+How can I find if there are vulnerabilities present in my network?

Bitdefender Home Scanner automatically scans your network as soon as you configure it and each time a new device connects to it. However, you can manually scan you network for devices, as follows:

  1. Click the “Home Scanner” menu, on the left sidebar of the Bitdefender interface.
  2. Click the SCAN NETWORK button.

A list with the found devices and their status is displayed.

+How can I upgrade to a paid Bitdefender product?

Add an extra layer of protection to your network by using Bitdefender BOX. Bitdefender BOX is a smart security solution that offers extended online protection to all devices connected to the home network, whether they are inside or outside the network. More details about this product can be found at>.

+How can I remove Bitdefender Home Scanner?

If you want to remove Bitdefender Home Scanner from your system, follow these steps:

  • In Windows 7:

    1. Click Start and go to All Programs.
    2. Find Bitdefender Home Scanner and select Uninstall.

    3. Click Remove in the window that appears.

  • In Windows 8 and Windows 8.1:

    1. From the Windows Start screen, locate Control Panel (for example, you can start typing "Control Panel" directly in the Start screen) and then click its icon.
    2. Click Uninstall a program or Programs and Features.
    3. Find Bitdefender Home Scanner and select Uninstall.
  • In Windows 10:

    1. Click Start, then click Settings.

    2. Click the System icon in the Settings area, then select Installed apps.
    3. Find Bitdefender Home Scanner and select Uninstall.
+In what languages is Bitdefender Home Scanner available?

Bitdefender Home Scanner is currently available only in English. Other languages will be added in future releases.